PDF Pattern Series: Printing A0 Files

Most of us are quite familiar with printing from home, but did you know there's a way to get your patter all on one sheet or two? You can save SO much time on the assembling and taping by using A0 files! Want to know more? Great!

PDF Pattern Series: Printing A0 Files

A0 files can be handy for a number of reasons. Maybe you want to save paper and/or ink. Maybe you just don't have a printer at home to print from. Whatever the reason, it can definitely be worth it! There are a number of places you can have A0 printed. Kinkos, Staples, and other office stores normally have the equipment. There are also a number of online options. Our recommendation is PDF Plotting.

I'll walk you how to place an order with PDF Plotting. Most other printers should have a similar process. One caveat, though. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to print single sizes with A0 files, as printers are not allowed to alter the file to print selected layers. As a result, that means patterns like Juliet or Sweet Lilly are still best off printed and assembled at home using single sizes.

PDF Plotting Walk-Through

When you first get to PDF Plotting, you'll see some drop down menus. Hover over Pattern Printing to see the options. Considering you'll be getting all of the sizes, my suggestion is to choose color printing, as that will make it easier to see the different size lines for tracing or cutting.

Scroll down until you find the option that says A0 and 36" by 48" Color Pattern Printing. At this point, if you haven't already, check your pattern for how many pages it has in A0 form. Girls Sahara (which I am using for the purpose of this tutorial) has 2, so I selected 2 pages, 1 copy.

Once you've selected the number of pages and number of copies, you will see a button that reads "Choose File". Click that and find your A0 file to print. Make sure it is labeled as an A0 so that it prints correctly. Select your file and click open to attach it to your order. Then Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add to Cart". Keep in mind that PDF Plotting has a minimum order requirement of $7.50. But if you have 2 or more patterns to print, you'll hit that pretty easily and save a bit on shipping too.

Wrap up

That's it! Pretty easy, right? Then you just wait for your package and you're ready to go! If you choose to print locally in a shop, the associates there are usually friendly and willing to help you get it all set up to go. And now that you know, you can have no pattern assembly needed sewing days! How great is that?

If you have helpful hints or tricks to A0 printing or any questions, please leave them in the comments below! And feel free to join our Facebook community for other fun tips, games, and pictures of amazing makes!
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