NEW RELEASE: Violet Dress & Top

Can you believe its already mid-July? Holy cow guys. This year is flying by! Not sure how it is in your part of the world, but here in Florida, it's hot! Perfect timing for a quick summer sew. Introducing the Violet Dress & Top for both girls sizes 6M-12 years and Ladies sizes 0-20 (with an additional bust adjustment included!)

Violet Dress & Top - For Girls & Ladies

When we designed this we wanted something with bare shoulders made from a comfortable jersey knit fabric. And since its a single layer it makes it easy to beat the heat. And as a special bonus, its available in both girls and ladies sizes. You saw a sneak peak of the girls version when we released our Rose Bubble Shorts a few months ago.  I have gotten so many emails of people looking forward to this release! I know you guys are all excited to see more pictures, so let's carry on!

Like always our testers did a great job!  Here are a few of our favorites!

BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-270 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-279 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-254 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-217 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-208 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-168 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-088 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-068 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-044 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Girls-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-018 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-150 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-140 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-122 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-093 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-085 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-084 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-067 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-035 BSD-Violet-Dress-Top-Ladies-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-008

Seriously, how cute are they? This is one of my favorite sews this summer. And the best part is that when my husband got home and saw it he was made at me because he thought I went shopping! He could not believe I made it. I call that a win!

We are having a limited release sale on the Violet Dress & Top until Friday, July 22nd!  Be sure and pick up your copy before time runs out!
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