Alice Sew Along- Day 6

Simple day, and the last active day of the Alice sew along. If you  are joining us for the first time, you can find days one, two, three, four and five at these links. If you haven't yet purchased this adorable pattern, you can get it here until Feb 6 with coupon code AliceSAL for only $6, so take advantage while you can.

Alice Sew Along Day 6

Creating a Blind Hem

Today we make a blind hem. I was a little anxious about this, because like the invisible zipper, this was a first for me. I just couldn't wrap my head around the instruction. However, I did find this amazing instructional video and got it easy peasy! My advice here is to watch the video, pin well, and take your time. this was my hem in progress.

And then done from the inside view.

It really looks quite nice from the outside and I am more than proud to have learned new things in completing this pattern with you all!

The final step, if you so choose, is to create the optional belt. I did not do this for my dress, but I did read through the instruction for it and it was straightforward and seemed like a simple task.

At the end of today's step, you should have a finished dress! So pretty! Tomorrow is a catch up day for those who haven't quite made it this far, and also a day to post your modeled creations in our participation album in the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group! (I will have that particular graphic up this evening/ tomorrow morning) I can't wait to see all of the amazingness you have made! I'll see you tomorrow!

If you are curious about the schedule we have been following, it is posted below.

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