Alice Dress Sew Along- Day 1

First, the Alice schedule! This was turned out to be fairly easy day today, and the schedule includes a make-up day for anyone who might fall behind, so don't worry if that happens. It's also more than ok if your schedule permits or demands you to work ahead a bit. We're pretty laid back. Just try to remember to take a quick pick of each scheduled days finished steps and add it to the album in the Facebook group to get your participation credit. Are you ready? Then here we go!

Alice Sew Along Day 1

Prep Your Pattern

Today is the easiest day! Today we purchase, print and prepare our pattern! Some of you can skip the purchasing part, but if you still need the pattern, you can get it at and use coupon code AliceSAL at checkout to get the pattern for only $6.

Blending is a super important part of getting a perfect fit. Because it can sometimes scare people, we created this fun blending video for you to see how to get that perfect fit:


Once you have everything taped and cut, you should have something resembling this:

Seems like a lot of pieces, but I promise it isn't as intimidating as it looks!

Choose Your Fabrics

After digging through my massive fabric stash for what seemed like forever, I found *just* the right fabric for this beautiful little dress. There were several contenders, but I am pretty sure I fell head over heels for the final pick:

I would LOVE to see your pieces and/or fabric choices if you're playing along. Hop over to the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group and share in the album! There *might* even be rewards for some lucky person sewing along at home, so don't miss out! ;)
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