5 Sewing Techniques All New Seamstresses Should Try

Getting into sewing is exciting, but it can be a little scary too. Learning new things is always an adventure, for good or bad. But the more you know and learn and grow, the better you are! So we've compiled a short list of 5 sewing techniques every new seamstress should try (and master)!

5 Sewing Techniques All New Seamstresses Should Try

1. Blind Hem

How to Sew A Blind Hem in 5 Easy Step - Must Repin for Later!

A blind hem isn't used as much as it used to be, but if you're wanting to sew heirloom quality  children's clothing with woven fabrics, it is definitely a skill to learn! It's also great for hemming ladies skirts and dresses. You can find an awesome tutorial for learning a blind hem right here! It's PERFECT for BSD patterns like Alice for ladies or for girls!

2. Understitching

Understitching is a great way to add an amazingly professional finish to your work. It's one of those often overlooked sewing techniques that we all should know about. Many Bella Sunshine patterns employ this technique for a beautiful finish, not the least among them is the Sahara. You can even practice your understitching by making matching mommy and daughter Saharas! Learn more about understitching by reading this informational post!

3. Stay Stitching


Stay stitching is a MUST have skill when working with about any fabric. It's the thing that keeps necklines and armscyes from getting all wonky as you're constructing a pattern. While not necessary for all garments, it's especially useful in sewing v-necks like the Regan Raglan for ladies and kids. Best part? This one is FREE! You can learn more about what stay stitching is and why it's so important in this post.

4. Ruffling

If you sew for girly girls, you know ruffles will be coming your way. Did you know there's more than one way to make a ruffle? Find the method that's easiest for you here and then use it to create a stunning Juliet!

5. Invisible Zipper

This one is the most daunting on the list, I know. But if you follow this tutorial, I promise it isn't as bad as it seems. And think of how handy this new skill will be! Invisible zippers make a dress look so perfect! Take the Rebel Girl Party Dress, for example. Just... Ah! So pretty! You'll be so glad you took the time to learn it!

Are there any other skills you wish you'd learned early on in your sewing career? Or are you new and there's something not on this list that you'd love to learn? Let us know in the comments below! We might take your suggestion and run with it! If you aren't a part of our amazing Facebook community, please join us! Share joys, triumphs, tears, questions... we love it all and we're always there to help!
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