Materials Required

  • For the Main & Lining Blanket and Hood: Soft and warm wovens or knits.
    Good examples would be fleece, minky or flannel. Terry Cloth can also be
    used if you are making a towel instead of a blanket. If using a heavy fabric for
    the main/lining, it is recommended to pair it with a lighterweight fabric for ease
    of sewing.
  • For the Animal Ears: Any type of woven or knit fabric. You can use something
    that matches the main part of the blanket or something like quilting cotton for a
    wider selection of prints.
  • For the Unicorn/Horse Fringe: A woven or knit fabric that does not fray such as
    fleece or cotton jersey.

The following materials are recommended:

  • Water Soluble Fabric Marker
  • Ruler & Scissors

Yardage Requirements