Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long: Day 8 – Final Details, Button Holes, and Buttons

Day 8: Final Details, Button Holes, and Buttons

Today is also a catch up day.

Welcome to Day 8 of the Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long! Are you still with us? Day 5 was a mid sew-a-long catch up day. If you need to go back, here is where you can find Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 6, and Day 7.

Today will be fairly quick to finish. If you have never sewn button holes before, don’t worry, I will be showing you how in detail. Today will be steps 35-39 of the pattern instructions.

Final Details

Follow steps 35 & 36.

With the main side up and beginning at the bottom of the right front placket (the right when you are facing the coat), top stitch at 1/4″ up the placket, around the neckline, down the opposite placket, and around the hem of the skirt.

TIP: Since the layers are a little thick, use a medium-long stitch length for top stitching. If you have to lengthen your stitch even further when going around the neckline due to there being more layers there, do so.

Make sure to move the hood out of the way of your stitching so you don’t sew it down.

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Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long: Day 2 – Cut Material, Create Hood Pattern, Interface, and Prepare Bodice

Day 2 – Cut Material, Create Hood Pattern, Interface, and Prepare Bodice

Welcome to Day 2 of the Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long! Find Day 1 here.

Today we will be cutting our material, creating our hood pattern, interfacing the pieces, and preparing the bodice for construction. These are steps 1-5 in the pattern.

Cutting the Material

Cut your main, lining, and interfacing pieces using the instructions on the pattern pieces. Compare the pieces you have to the cutting guide on page 11 of the pattern to be sure you have everything. There are a lot of pieces to this pattern! Take your time cutting out all of the pieces. Accuracy when cutting leaves less room for error when sewing.

TIP: If your material is dark and you are having difficulty tracing it, rub chalk off the edges of your pattern piece to create an outline. You can also use baby powder on a sock to rub the edges. Another use for chalk is to write on your mirror image pieces in order to more easily see which is which. It should all come off when shaken vigorously.

Gabriella's Winter Coat Sew-a-long Day 2: Shows how to add a hood to any coat pattern. This tutorial will be useful for future projects. Read more

Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long: Day 1 – Gather Supplies


Welcome to the Gabriella’s Winter Coat Sew-A-Long! The weather is starting to get quite chilly up North, so we thought it would be a great time to sew some winter coats for our little girls. Stay tuned for a hood hack tutorial too! Gabriella’s is rated as an Intermediate Plus pattern in our shop and includes sizes from 6M to Girls 12. A sew-a-long is the perfect time to attempt a pattern like this that has a higher difficulty rating since there will be many people available to help if you run into any trouble.

During this sew-a-long, we will discuss things like appropriate materials and where you can source them as well as how to modify the coat for use in warmer weather. If you would like to join in the fun and sew-a-long with us, here is how to participate:Gabriella's Winter Coat Sew-A-Long! I love this vintage inspired coat for the little girls. It has ultimate twirl factor! Must Pin to participate.

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Box Pleat Hack of The Rose Bubble shorts: Tutorial


I really wanted to try to hack the new Rose Bubble Shorts and do a box pleat version.  I am loving the look!

For those who wants to give it a go, here is the tutorial:

You will need:

-Fabric (I used Orange 100% cotton)

– Your front shorts pieces

Are you ready?

Here we go!


  1. Follow step 1 of the pattern tutorial to transfer all your pattern markings


2. Working on the wrong side of the front short pieces, follow step 2 of the pattern tutorial to baste your pleats in each marking.

Here is how the wrong side should look like.


Here is how the right side should look like.


3. To create an open box pleat you want to press the pleats flat from the back. Baste them in place.



YAY! You are done!

4. Continue with step 4 of the pattern tutorial to finish the shorts! When you are done with the tutorial, your shorts should look like this!

Love the look!!!




Pattern Hack: Bow Tie Leggings & Shorts PDF Sewing Pattern

Pattern Hack: Snaps are your friend

I’ve got to start this out by saying that I have incredible testers. Honestly, the people who help me perfect my patterns rock. Not only are they super opinionated (which is exactly what you want in a pattern tester), they are so creative and talented. Heidi Richardson of These Old Blues is one of those people.  She made the cutest pair of Bow Tie Leggings in a neutral color and couldn’t decide which fabric she wanted to go with for the bows. So she did what any logical, creative person would have done. She decided to do a pattern hack and include both of them. Check this out:Pattern Hack: Bow Tie Leggings & Shorts PDF Sewing Pattern

Yep, snaps! How genius is that?!? Now you can make an amazing pair of leggings and have them match any outfit perfectly, just by swapping out the bows. And just because I love you, I’ve included a tutorial to help you figure out how to do just that.

Here’s what you will need:

First, cut out your pattern as you normally would. In addition, cut out 4 pieces of interfacing (or 2 pieces of knit interfacing and 2 pieces of woven interfacing if you are doing woven bows) using the bow center pattern piece provided in the pattern. The pieces you have will look a little something like this:


Next, you want to fuse the interfacing to wrong side of the fabric using an iron. You want to center the interfacing on 2 of the main bow pieces. On the pant leg, center the interfacing and bring it up approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the raw edge. You should then have something that looks like this:


Now its time to figure out where to put the snaps. Center your markings vertically and place them a half of an inch away from the edge of the interfacing on either side for the slim fit bows. If you are doing the smaller legging fit bows, you will need to do the same, but mark them 3/4 of an inch on their side.  Bella-Sunshine-Designs-Bow-Tie-Leggings-009

Be sure to do this not only for the main bow pieces but also on the pant legs.


Next, add your snap per the instructions of the manufacturer of your snap press.


Isn’t it beautiful??


This is what you should end up with:


Now follow the pattern, and finish up the leggings just as you normally would with exception of skipping the step to attach them.


Ta-dah! You’re finished. And hopefully your hem turned out much prettier than mine! Now you just have to make a million more bows to match all the tops you’ve made for your little cutie.

Did you try this pattern hack?? If so, spam me with your photos in my Facebook Group. I’d love to see what you came up with.