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As my loyal blog followers already know, I was a part of Pattern Revolution's Aspiring Designer's Challenge back on the 13th of this month.  Well, today is the final day, and I'm excited to share with you a MASSIVE giveaway...

AD Challenge March 2015

Another great Aspiring Designer's Challenge by Betties Basket Sales and Promotions is gone, and it was a great one!

Lots of gorgeous new patterns were released, a new giveaway everyday...

... I know you're all waiting the final one, which is HUGE: one lucky reader can win


(and more...)

Yeah, you heard right!

The ENTIRE March Aspiring Designers Collection which includes the new pattern from EACH of these designers:

zuzzy patterns logoOUSM Designs

aimerlae Gray Day Patterns BellaSunshineDesignsLogo

Boho Banjo rese and leeItch to Stitch LogoAirBornQuilts-page-001 (3)

PLUS, get BONUS patterns from these great designers:

Serger Pepper Designs PDF Sewing Patterns 300X300 Mandy K designswhimsy couture logo 4 fillesamamanmodern epattern

shannon mac design Sewing-Geek-Logo fillesamamanmodern epattern Little Kiwis Closet ruby and jack dandelions 'n' dungarees stitchwerx designs max meena elephants icon bebelambsfinal

That is a CRAZY total of 31 FREE patterns!!

  • Itch To Stitch, Emily Culottes Pattern

  • Zuzzy Patterns, Chestnut Pants pattern

  • GrayDay Patterns, Athena Top pattern

  • Bella Sunshine Designs, Holiday Cutout Dress & Top pattern

  • Boho Banjo art to wear, Adeline Tunic pattern

  • Rose & Lee Designs, Audriella Dress Pattern

  • Kelly J Designs, Building Block Cushion pattern

  • AimerLae & Finn, Picture Perfect Peplum sleeveless pattern

  • OUSM Designs, Grown Up Thumbs Up pattern

  • Air Born Quilts, Southwest Dance Quilt pattern

  • aha customs, Maddy Lou for Blythe pattern

  • Serger Pepper Designs, 1 pattern of choice

  • Muffin Head, the Kimmy Bra pattern

  • Sofilantjes, 1 pattern of choice

  • Golden Rippy, 1 pattern of choice

  • GYCT Designs, 1 pattern of choice

  • AimerLae & Finn, 1 more pattern of choice

  • Rose & Lee Designs, 1 more pattern of choice

  • Mandy K Designs, 1 pattern of choice

  • Fabulous Home Sewn, 1 pattern of choice

  • Shannon Mac Designs, 1 pattern of choice

  • Sewing Geek, 1 pattern of choice

  • Filles à Maman, 1 pattern of choice

  • Littlekiwiscloset, 1 pattern of choice

  • MCM Studio Designs, 1 pattern of choice

  • Ruby & Jack Patterns, 1 pattern of choice

  • Dandelions n' Dungarees, Tini Kini pattern

  • Stitchwerx Designs, 1 (single) pattern of choice

  • Max & Meena, 1 pattern of choice.

  • Bebelambs, 1 pattern of choice

  • Whimsy Couture, 1 pattern of choice

Enter to win the ENTIRE Collection w/ Bonus Patterns Below

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