Why Sew? I'll Tell You!

Are you looking for a new hobby? Or maybe you want to get a friend or family member into sewing? There are so many reasons to start! Let me give you some of the reasons that I started and will continue to sew.

Why Sew? I'll Tell You!

It's an investment in yourself.

Hobbies are generally good for mental health. Sewing has been around forever and it will never go out of style! Creating can give you a great sense of self and of accomplishment. You'll feel pride at a job finished and well done. Yes, it costs money to start, but you're worth it!

Boutique clothes, without the boutique prices.

One of the reasons I love to sew is my daughter. She's a unique individual with specific tastes, even at 4 years old. We love the look of boutique clothes. The frills, the unique fabrics, the cutesy styles. But I cannot afford the price tag on those kinds of dresses.  So I sew. I can create those dresses at a fraction of the cost with some time and the right patterns. And my little girl eats it up.

Get special bonding time with your kids.

Bonding through a sewing hobby can happen in a few different ways. My kids are young enough right now that it comes in the form of us shopping together for fabrics that they want me to turn into various projects for them. Right now it's clothing, bags, stuffies, other miscellaneous little things. When they get older, that bonding will come with me passing along my knowledge and teaching them how to sew. I look forward to those days very much. I dream of the day I can see the proud looks on their faces for creating something with their own hands.

Give inexpensive and meaningful gifts.

Ok, so inexpensive is subjective here, but depending on what you're wanting to give, it generally is much cheaper than buying a similar quality sewn item already made. The magic of sewing gifts for your friends and family is undeniable. You can tailor things exactly to their tastes and give them something truly one of a kind. From fabric choices to the pattern used, to the little tweaks you can apply here and there. Your gift will be "them" and incredibly special. I don't know of a single person who wouldn't appreciate that!

Fabric shopping!

Ok, you knew I had to throw that one in. If you don't sew or otherwise create, you miss out on a HUGE  shopping opportunity. I will admit, it's one our non-sewing spouses don't always understand or appreciate, but I find a lot of peace in a fabric store. And buying the perfect fabric for a specific project is sometimes just the self-care I need. Let's face it, as expensive as it CAN be, it's less expensive retail therapy than designer shoes and handbags (or power tools for the guys out there), right?


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, sewing is one of the great joys in my life. I delight in sharing that joy with others. So if I've convinced even one person to pick up a needle (or machine) with this blog post, I consider it a job well done. If you're already sewing, or if you start, don't be shy! Come join the Bella Sunshine community on Facebook! Share your projects, get help when you get stuck. ask opinions on fabric and embellishments... we would LOVE to see our sewing family grow!
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