Violet Flounce Clear Elastic Tutorial

elastic straps

Today's post will show you how to use clear elastic to prevent the seams of the spaghetti straps and the back bodice of our new pattern, Violet Flounce Dress & Top, from stretching out.

What you will need:
  • clear elastic
  • Pattern pieces
  • Fabric
Adding clear elastic to the straps:
  1. With right sides together, align the long edges of one strap and fold. Mark your seam allowance.

2. Arrange your sewing so that the clear elastic is on the top of the marked seam allowance. Sew your seam, stitching on the clear elastic to secure it within the seam allowance. Don't stretch the elastic or your straps. Cut some excess elastic off. Repeat this step  with the rest of the straps.

IMG_6474 IMG_6475

3. Follow step 5 of the pattern tutorial to turn all your straps right side out.
NOTE: Sometimes depends on the type of the knit you will be using, your straps will be stretched a bit, after turning them right side out, check this by comparing them with the straps pattern pieces. If stretched out cut that extra off.

IMG_6476 IMG_6477

And you are done! You can continue with step 6 of the pattern tutorial to attach the flounce!

Adding clear elastic to the back bodice:
  1. Place your back bodice and back facings right side together (straps are sandwich here). Mark your seam allowance.

2. Arrange your elastic on the top of the marked seam allowance carefully. Sew your seam, stitching on the elastic to secure it within the seam allowance. Don't stretch the elastic or your bodice. Cut some excess elastic off.


All done!  Continue with  step 12 to complete the dress or top.



How easy is that? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to share your beautiful Violet Flounce creations with us in our Facebook Community!

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