Top Ten Things Every Seamstress Wants

Today we're going to explore some super handy (and some little known) tools that (almost) every seamstress would LOVE to have in their arsenal of tools. Of course, there are SO many out there, it would be hard to name them all. These are the top ten on my personal list. We'll also be including links to most of these products for your shopping convenience. You know, in case you see anything you think you can't live without. Please feel free to comment with some of your sewing wants and needs to add to our list!

Top 10 Things Every Seamstress Wants

1. Gingher Dressmaker Shears- Gingher is fairly top of the line when it comes to sewing tools. The scissors are ridiculously sharp and maintain that sharpness well, making cutting through just about any fabric a breeze. It doesn't hurt that they can also be very pretty.

2. 36"x24" Self-healing Cutting Mat- Cutting mats are WONDERFUL tools to have. And in this case, bigger really is better. A large cutting mat will allow you to cut out larger patterns without having to reposition the fabric and pattern multiple times, especially if you're sewing adult sized garments. I'm operating with a smaller mat right now, but I WILL be buying a larger one soon!

3. 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter- This ergonomically shaped rotary cutter is much easier on the joints while also allowing you a little more control. I cut all of my patterns with a rotary cutter now. There is a slight learning curve in figuring out how to cut those curves. And it is definitely worth the time it takes to figure it out. I save so much time cutting now because of my rotary cutter!

4. Bias Tape Makers- If you sew with wovens often and/or use bias trim, this is a MUST have! You can make bias trim out of anything in your fabric stash to perfectly match your project! Definitely a nice touch with a more professional finish for your projects.

5. Sewing Machine Specialty Foot Set- You can never have too many specialty feet! These sets typically come with 30+ different specialty feet for any occasion. They will include things like an invisible zipper foot, ruffle foot, adjustable bias trim foot with a bunch of others. Definitely worth a look! (And keep an eye out for a future blog post going over our favorite specialty feet and what they do!)

6. Magnetic Seam Guide- Such a small thing that can make a HUGE difference in your quality of work, especially if you're newer to sewing. This handy little piece sticks to your metal plate to help you perfectly guide your fabric through, making it worlds easier to achieve a perfectly straight seam or hem

7. Hemming Clips- Another small thing that packs a huge punch! These handy little clips can be bought in sets of 12 and will help you create the perfect hem every time. Another thing in my near future wishlist!

8. Nippers/Trimming Scissors- These are something I use ALL the time. Most people think of them as embroidery scissors, but I find them SO much easier to use for cutting threads than a large more cumbersome pair of scissors. They also don't take up near as much room next to your sewing machine.

9. Thread Stand- If you often sew your projects with fabric matching threads, this is a fantastic tool for keeping things organized and tidy. They come in different sizes to hold different numbers of spools and are perfect for regular sewing or embroidery threads. And while you buying this, you can grab a handy bobbin storage solution too!

10. Adjustable Dress Form- If you sew for yourself, a dress form is so great to have in your space. You can get ones that are adjustable or purchase one that is just your size. It's perfect if you're an aspiring designer, just love playing with draping fabrics, or even just to "try things on" without having to undress and redress yourself so often. It's an investment, but a worthy one!

Well, that brings me to the end of my list, but please add your favorite current or wishlist sewing items to our comments and join our amazing Facebook community to share BSD related projects, questions, and triumphs! We'd love to have you!

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