The Search For 5 Great (Non-Custom) Knit Retailers!

With so many amazingly adorable knit patterns out there, it's sometimes hard to find JUST the right print. And if you're on a budget it gets even tougher. So today we've compiled a list of 5 great online knit retailers for buying gorgeous knits on a budget!

The Search For 5 Great (Non-Custom) Knit Retailers!

1. Purple Seamstress

Melinda Dozal (or Mel, as she is fondly known by her customers) is the owner of Purpleseamstress Fabric. It began as a hobby on eBay but took off in a big way. It allowed her to retire from her full-time court reporter job to do what she loves best; playing with fabric! She now has her website (linked above) and a Facebook page where she is very successful. And her customers all swear she has magical shipping fairies because her shipping speed is almost unreal. She sells all kinds of different knits in solids as well as in some beautiful prints and her prices are very reasonable!

2. Southern Belle Fabrics

Southern Belle Fabrics has a goal to inspire your creativity by offering the high-quality apparel fabrics at affordable prices. Southern Belle sources all of their fabrics in the USA in order to help support our nation's economy. They are located in the Heart of Texas, so hospitality is second nature to them. On their site, you can find some amazingly affordable gorgeous knit fabrics and outstanding customer service that they try to provide to each and every customer. Definitely a retailer worth a purchase!

3. Knitpop

Knitpop is another great domestic knit retailer with awesome fabrics at even more awesome prices. It is based in San Diego and run by Sara Jaggers Knook, who is a very sweet and personable lady. Knitpop carries a very wide variety of knit fabrics and is a clear favorite of their followers. If you've never ordered from them before, it's worth mentioning that they offer $5 off your first purchase plus 25% in Rewards when you create a new profile on the site. Rewards for future purchases are 5% and they offer bulk discounts!. They also have some pretty mind-blowing sales, so make sure you check them out during one!

4. Sincerely Rylee

This is a business that has been mentioned in our blog before for good reason! Darcey Johnston, owner, and operator of Sincerely Rylee is based in Florida and is a very beloved member of the online fabric community. Her customer service and warm personality are two of the many keys to her success. Her business is best known for sweater knits and mystery boxes, although she does carry a wide variety of gorgeous and affordable knit fabrics perfect for the whole family. This is definitely a business to follow if you're into knits.

5. Droomstoffen

For this last fabric business, we're traveling a little farther from (my) home... Droomstoffen means Dream fabrics in English. Yvette is 31 years old with one son and two bonus daughters who she loves like her own. She started Droomstoffen 3 years ago in Almere Centrum, Netherlands. After 6 months they moved 3 doors down to a larger store. The shop is growing every day and now includes a pretty impressive web presence. They carry a variety of fabrics including many Scandinavian and German prints. They specialize in jersey, French terry, and other stretch fabric. And good news for us in the States! She ships internationally!

In fact, Droomstoffen has generously offered to give away a $20 shop credit to one of our readers! Enter HERE for your chance to win! We will draw and announce a winner next Saturday!

And Knitpop is giving away a 3-monthKnitpop subscription! You can enter that giveaway HERE! Good luck!

Make sure you check back with us next week to see a whole week of amazing school sews on our Back To School Blog Tour!!!
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I’m trying to find ribbing in my state Georgia usa


Betty, when I lived in Georgia, I would go to Fine Fabrics in Norcross (right outside of Atlanta, east side). They are a HUGE warehouse and had everything you could think of. I was never looking for ribbing but I’m sure they have it. Unfortunately, nothing is on their website. If you go, check out their scissors!! $25 and just as good as Kai.

Adena Foster

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