Sweet Lilly Day 5 - Forming the Skirt and Ruffles

Sweet Lilly Sew Along Day 5: Forming the Skirt and Ruffles

Today's steps for your Sweet Lilly is all about skirt and ruffles construction

Follow step 39 to sew your front and back skirt together.

If you want to add ruffles to your skirt, repeat steps 39 of the pattern tutorial to sew side seams of your ruffles too.

To hem your skirt and ruffles follow step 40 of the pattern tutorial. Then continue with steps 41-42 to gather your skirt and ruffles pieces. 

Follow steps 43-45 to attach ruffles to your skirt. If you don't want skirt ruffles, skip to step 46.

We are going to complete the dress by attaching the skirt to the bodice.

Follow steps 46- 49 of the pattern tutorial to attach the skirt to a bodice and to finish the dress.

Finally, we will finish the dress by either sewing the buttonholes and buttons on the back bodice or by attaching the snap buttons!

You can do this by following steps 50-51 of your pattern tutorial!

You are done! Enjoy your creation!! Day 6-7 are catchup days, therefore, they will be no blog posts. But remember to join us in the group on Monday. We will be announcing the winner!!!!


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