Surprise Sale!

Most of you know we've been hosting some guest bloggers for the past five weeks... And with each post, there was a sale on 2 patterns for the week? Guess what? Now that it's all over we're bringing you a HUGE surprise sale!

Surprise sale!

In case you missed the previous posts, let me fill you in.

Week one we had Becky Petty of bigflynotions with the Emmaline.

Then, during week two Dora Serrano joined us with her beautifully sewn Amelia for her daughter!

Jennie Lindstrom joined us for week three with her adorable Primrose Panties for her girls.

Week four brought us Laurie Roberts who writes the blog Make it Sew with The Bear and Pea Atelier and she sewed up an adorable little Hazel for us.

And finally, last week Fenna (who writes FABulous Home Sewn) wrapped up week five with the ever amazingly retro Sansa Flares.

Each of these weeks brought a great sale along with it... But tonight, that ends.

... Or does it???

Beginning tomorrow (9/27/19) through the end of the month, ALL of the patterns above will be on sale again! Along with the patterns they were paired with for the original sale, which includes Clementine, Apple, Coraline, Oceana, and Sahara! Prices for children's sizes will be $6, Adult sizes will be $7 or get the bundle with ALL the sizes for only $12!

Once you've shopped to your heart's content, please share your newly sewn wardrobes with us in our Facebook group! We love seeing the creativity... and you never know who you might inspire!
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