Snuggle Up With Artemis For The Whole Family!

Artemis will be one of your newest loves... and it isn't like anything we've ever put out before which makes it super special! Why don't we just delve right into what Artemis is and why it's so amazing!

Snuggle Up With Artemis For The Whole Family!

What makes Artemis special? Well, it's a blanket. But not just ANY blanket. It's a wearable hooded blanket with optional corner pockets for your hands! It also comes in 3 sizes... Small (toddler/small child), Medium (big kid), and large (adult)! Just think of all of the amazing fabric combinations you could use to make it even better!

One of my favorite things about it is how perfect it is for fall and winter. Want to go on a hayride through a pumpkin patch or a sleigh ride through a winter wonderland of lights? Bundle up and grab your Artemis to snuggle up in and you'll be perfectly cozy for your trip.

It can also be great for summer! How? Well, use a terry fabric or a lightweight gauze and take it on a trip to the beach or water park!

Plus... we added some fun animal options for the hood if you don't want it plain (like this)!

You can be a bear or a horse, which we, unfortunately, do not have pictures of, but... you can also be:

A bunny:

Or (my favorite) a unicorn!

These hood options are available in ALL the sizes, so never be afraid to let your inner child out and make yourself something fun!

We really think there's something for everyone where Artemis is concerned. And just like always, we're having a release sale! So, from now until December 7th, 2019, You can get your copy of the Artemis pattern for only $5! They'd make GREAT gifts! When you make your own, we'd LOVE for you to share them all in our Facebook group! They're too cute NOT to, right? And they're so quick and easy to make! We can't wait to see them!
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