Pattern Hack: Snaps are your friend

I've got to start this out by saying that I have incredible testers. Honestly, the people who help me perfect my patterns rock. Not only are they super opinionated (which is exactly what you want in a pattern tester), they are so creative and talented. Heidi Richardson of These Old Blues is one of those people.  She made the cutest pair of Bow Tie Leggings in a neutral color and couldn't decide which fabric she wanted to go with for the bows. So she did what any logical, creative person would have done. She decided to do a pattern hack and include both of them. Check this out:Pattern Hack: Bow Tie Leggings & Shorts PDF Sewing Pattern

Yep, snaps! How genius is that?!? Now you can make an amazing pair of leggings and have them match any outfit perfectly, just by swapping out the bows. And just because I love you, I've included a tutorial to help you figure out how to do just that.

Adding Snaps to Your Bow Tie Leggings to Create New Options!

Here's what you will need:

The Tutorial

First, cut out your pattern as you normally would. In addition, cut out 4 pieces of interfacing (or 2 pieces of knit interfacing and 2 pieces of woven interfacing if you are doing woven bows) using the bow center pattern piece provided in the pattern. The pieces you have will look a little something like this:


Next, you want to fuse the interfacing to wrong side of the fabric using an iron. You want to center the interfacing on 2 of the main bow pieces. On the pant leg, center the interfacing and bring it up approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the raw edge. You should then have something that looks like this:


Now its time to figure out where to put the snaps. Center your markings vertically and place them a half of an inch away from the edge of the interfacing on either side for the slim fit bows. If you are doing the smaller legging fit bows, you will need to do the same, but mark them 3/4 of an inch on their side.  Bella-Sunshine-Designs-Bow-Tie-Leggings-009

Be sure to do this not only for the main bow pieces but also on the pant legs.


Next, add your snap per the instructions of the manufacturer of your snap press.


Isn't it beautiful??


This is what you should end up with:


Now follow the pattern, and finish up the leggings just as you normally would with exception of skipping the step to attach them.


Ta-dah! You're finished. And hopefully your hem turned out much prettier than mine! Now you just have to make a million more bows to match all the tops you've made for your little cutie.

Did you try this pattern hack?? If so, spam me with your photos in my Facebook Group. I'd love to see what you came up with.

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