Sewing Challenge! New To You!

We thought it was time for a little fun...  and a contest! Are you ready? How about a "New To You" challenge! We thought it sounded like a fun adventure! So, without further ado, let me explain...

Sewing Challenge! New To You!

Sophia Racerback

With back to school looming (or in some cases, already here), we probably ALL have some sewing to do... So why not make it fun? And possibly win something in the process. *wink wink* So we're bringing you a fun challenge to serve as motivation!

Coraline Cami and Primrose Panties

This challenge is going to be to sew a Bella Sunshine pattern that's new to you! It could be one you own that you just haven't had a chance to try yet. Or it could be one you've been eyeing and haven't taken the plunge to buy... buy it! It could be an older pattern (like Maci) or something brand new (like Hazel)! Just make sure it's something you haven't tried yet! (And for those wondering if sewing one size range puts the whole pattern out... no! If you've only sewn the kid version and want to take a stab at the adult, go for it! It counts as an entry!

Daisy Tie-Back Dress

How To Enter!

If you aren't already a member of our amazing online community, NOW is the time to join! Want to know how to enter? It's easy! Just post your new to you masterpiece in our group with the hashtag #newtoyou! We'll find those posts and choose a winner from them! We will also be announcing the prizes during the contest at some point, so make sure you're in the group to see that!

Hazel Dolman

This sewing challenge starts NOW and will go through the end of August, so grab your new (to you) pattern, your favorite fabric, and get sewing! We can't WAIT to see what you make!

Apple Cardigan
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I love this idea and can’t wait to sew and see all the garments!

Becky Petty

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