Sew-Along With Olga and Sansa!

Who doesn't love a good sew-along? I know I do! And there's one coming up soon! Wanna know more? Read on...

Sew-Along With Olga and Sansa!

One of our favorite non-custom fabric groups is hosting a sew-along for the Sansa Flares! Olga's Fabric Destashing is planning a great deal of fun with fabric discounts and prizes! But we'll get to hear more about that here in a minute. First...

Let's talk about Sansa!

Sansa is one of our favorite pant patterns for so many reasons. You get the look of a flared pant or bell-bottom with the comfort of a pair of leggings, so get those stretch knits ready! The flare is so stylish right now and you have the option of either doing a yoga-style waistband or using elastic and a casing. And the adult version comes with two rise options, mid-rise, or high-rise, to fit your style or fit needs.

Like many of Bella Sunshine's patterns, Sansa has a WIDE range of sizes, from a 6-month child's size all the way up to a size 30 in adults (which measures 53.5" and 59.75" respectively in the waist and hips). Or, go all out and grab the bundle to have the FULL range. Think of all the gorgeous and adorable matching parent/child sets you could make!

Let me just share some gorgeous Sansa inspiration!

Now, what about this sew-along?

Ready for a retro flashback? Look no further than the Sansa Flares! They are fitted from the waist through the knee and then flare out for a fun retro look of the ’70s. The length touches the floor. The design comes with two options; elastic waist or a yoga waist which gives you the ultimate choice in comfort! The ladies' version also includes two rise options: mid-rise and high-rise. These pants are sure to be a staple in your wardrobe!

Sewing Level: Confident Beginner
Sizes: Ladies 0-30, Girls 6 Mos-12

The Prizes

Prizes are available to anyone at any skill level just for participating! Everyone who participates/submits their final design in this Sew Along will be entered into a giveaway for:
Grand prize: $50 Olga’s Closet Gift Card + $25 Bella Sunshine Designs Gift Card
2nd place: $20 Olga’s Closet Gift Card
3rd place: $10 Olga’s Closet Gift Card

You are welcome to use any fabric of your choice for the Sew-Along, but we are offering the following fabric options at a discounted rate. Just post a screenshot in our Facebook Event showing you purchased the pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs and are participating in the Sew Along and we will send you a special discount code to purchase the fabric from our website:

Navy/Red/White Floral/Thin Striped Double Brushed Poly

Yellow/Red/Blue Floral/Thin Striped Double Brushed Poly

Army Green/Black/Grey Camo Double Brushed Poly

Slate Solid Stretch Velvet

Now that you have ALL the information, just join the event here, grab your fabric and pattern, and get ready for some awesome fun! Oh, and don't forget to share your makes in our group too! We love some Sansa Flares! *wink wink*
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