Same Patterns, Different Body Types

How often do you see a super cute pattern, but then stop to wonder, "What will that look like on ME?" I do it all the time. Luckily, Bella Sunshine Designs creates patterns in a very wide range of sizes. And the plus sizes are drafted with those bodies in mind, they aren't just graded up. So the fit is still flattering on plus-sized women. Awesome, right? Let me show you some of the amazingness that Bella Sunshine Designs has and how amazing these looks can be on all kinds of body types!

Same Patterns, Different Bodies

I'm just going to show you a few examples from different garment categories. Let's start with tops.


First, we'll look at our newest release, Sophia. Here is one of my very favorite Sophia tanks on the smaller end of our size range.

Beautiful, right? It hugs in all the right places and flares just right to make it flattering. Now, for a size on the larger end of our spectrum.

Still absolutely gorgeous. Still fits and flares in all the right places! And when you see them next to each other?

You can certainly tell how expertly and carefully each size was drafted to get the best, most flattering fit.

Shall we look at another? How about our Maggie top?

This is a more fitted style, which makes some people nervous. But it looks great on her, right? So let's look at an example of larger sizing.

Still so flattering and cute! I just love how confident she looks!


Now we'll take a peek at two of our amazing bottom patterns, the Tess Tulip Shorts, and the Sansa Flared Leggings. First up, Tess Tulip Shorts!

She looks so cool and breezy, doesn't she? I love how they hug her hips but still have a beautiful flat front waistband. The plus size looks much the same.

Flat front, hugged hips, perfect fit! I really adore how amazing everything looks in the plus sizes of these shorts!

I remember when our group members were begging for an adult version of the Sansa Flare pants... And then dreams became reality!

The fitted tops and flared legs give these a great funky retro feel while still being super comfy and stylish.

If it's possible, I think the plus sizes are almost more dramatic in the flair of the legs, which makes me love them even more. Doesn't our An look stunning in these pants?


Dresses are always a huge summer staple wardrobe piece. And Bella Sunshine has SO many of them! One of our newer dresses is Emmaline. She has SO many different options, she's perfect for just about anyone.

This is definitely a breathtaking example of Emmaline. From casual to formal to traditional to quirky, Emmaline can fit any bill.

This is a more simple version in one of our larger sizes. Still perfection in my eyes. Even though the design is a bit simpler, this picture also shows the impact fabric choice can have. This dress would fit right in during a formal event!

Our final examples will be our best-selling Sahara dress.

The fitted bodice and circle skirt are so flattering! I also love that it sits right at the natural waist.

And the waistline is one of the things that makes the Sahara SO flattering in the larger sizes! The flare of that circle skirt just brings out the femininity and curves in everyone who wears her! It's no wonder it's one of our top sellers!

Now that you've seen a range of examples, we hope you'll give some selfish sewing a try! There are so many amazing patterns out there that will look GREAT on you, no matter what your size might be!

If you want to see more pictures of our patterns made in all kinds of sizes, please join our Facebook group! We have posts made by our members every day with things they've made and we'd love to see your sews too!
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