A Sale Is Coming! Don't Miss it!

Yes, you heard me! One of Bella Sunshine's most popular sales ever! The Back To School Sale! It will start next week and feature two or more patterns a day throughout the week. Now, for the fun stuff!

A Sale Is Coming!

Do you want to know WHY I love Bella Sunshine back to school sales so much? Because they're AWESOME! It's a fabulous way to build a back to school wardrobe for the littles in your life. And BSD has some of the most adorable girl's patterns I've ever had the pleasure of sewing. The vintage style is just perfect for school and church clothing.

A capsule wardrobe would be super easy too! A few coordinating fabrics in knit and woven, and you can do dresses, skirts, leggings, and shirts to match any of the other pieces! Pair a Maggie with Kelly's. Put a Reagan together with Isabella. Make the perfect pair of Bow Tie Leggings to go with Josephine. The possibilities are endless.

My plans

My daughter starts 4k this year. It's basically a public school preschool, for those who haven't heard of it. She's SO excited. And we're busily planning all of the sewing I need to do before the beginning of school. Wanna know what's on my list? Or rather, hers? We'll be making a stack of Reagans and Maggies in solid colors. Another stack of Kelly's and Isabella's in fun prints. An Alice, and Adeline, and a new Juliet. And a stack of solid or fairly neutral Bow Tie Leggings. At least.Will your must haves be on this year's sale list? You will have to wait and see!

We have a ton of fabrics already picked out. Mostly pinks with her being the princess that she is. I can say that some of my favorite memories are going to JoAnns or browsing the web with y girl while we ooh and ah and buy the fabrics she loves for some of my projects. She gets so involved in the process. She even has her own little broke down machine (no needle and not plugged in) that she uses to help 'sew' the scraps. She's really too cute most days.


Just as a short aside, I thought you should know that this year's sale will be a little different. This year, we're including Ladies patterns too! How amazing is that? You can get yourself a new wardrobe while you're planning for the kids! I can't give you an exact schedule of what will be on sale when, but check out the pics below for a few sneak peeks!

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