Sahara Sew Along Day 2

Welcome back! If you caught yesterday's blog, you should have your fabric and pattern ready! If not, you can check the steps from yesterday's Sahara sew along here. Now that we're that far, Here goes day 2!

Sahara Sew Along Day 2

Day 2 is simple. We're just cutting our fabric! A few things to mention, though. If you are doing pockets, or if your fabric is directional, you will want to cut 2 half-circles for your skirt. Make sure when you cut, you have the waist at the top of the design and the hem at the bottom. This is important with directional fabric because if you cut a full circle, somewhere on your skirt your design will be upside-down! If you're doing pockets, you'll add those into these seams when we assemble the skirt. Here are my skirt and pocket pieces.

Another quick tip for the bodice. When you're cutting bodice pieces, you might want to find a way to mark them to keep them straight. Front, front lining, back, back lining. They look very similar, but they are slightly different, and you don't want to get them confused! A fabric marking pen or pencil would be perfect to just make a shorthand note in the seam allowance. I wrote F, FL, B, BL on my pieces, for example. Once you're all cut, you'll have everything you need to get started! You might want to pull out (or go purchase) your clear elastic and knit interfacing for tomorrow. It isn't absolutely necessary, but it can be very helpful for maintaining the proper shape in your garment. Tomorrow is where the real fun begins when we start piecing the puzzle together!

Check back tomorrow for Day 3-4 steps! And don't forget to visit the Bella Sunshine Facebook group and comment on today's picture in the sew along album with what you accomplished for today. We love seeing your progress!

Take a peek at our schedule so you know what to expect! Also keep in mind that Sahara for Ladies and Girls will be on sale for the duration of the sew along, so it's never too late to get a deal and join us!

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