Sahara Sew Along- Day 1

Who's ready to get started with our amazing Sahara Sew along for ladies and girls! If you haven't purchased the pattern yet, use the links to go grab them. ALL of the patterns on sale right now, so it's the perfect time to grab this and any other patterns you might have been eyeing lately. I'm SO ready! And we have a surprise for you... so here we go!

Sahara Sew Along Day 1

Today is day one! Today we choose fabrics and get our paper pattern pieces ready! Easy peasy. But first, the surprise! We're going to do a little modification, or "hack", with this one. We're going to add pockets! Cool, right? If you've already purchased the pattern, go to your downloads on the Bella Sunshine site. You should have a bonus download waiting for you that includes a pocket piece as well as a skirt piece with an added seam allowance to make it easier. If you choose to add inseam pockets to your top or dress (definitely NOT a requirement), you're ready to rock! And I will go over the steps with you in the sew along when we get to that point for adding them. Your file should look similar to this for ladies:

And this for girls:

Now we're ready to roll. Print, assemble and cut your paper pieces. Make sure you take advantage of the layers feature as well as the print chart so you don't have to waste paper and ink that isn't necessary. And make sure you print "Actual Size" in your printer settings and double check the scale box before you assemble to help assure a perfect fit. Also, take care to match up the triangles on so that the pieces all come out correctly. Once you're done with that, you should have a pile similar to this one.

Then you have to face the hardest parts (for me, anyway). First is choosing the perfect fabric to showcase in your beautiful creation. In this sew along, I'm making my daughter a tunic. Since she's a huge Disney fan and also in a major "princess" phase, this was my pick (and what you'll be seeing pictures of along the way).

The other hard part is choosing your options. Sleeves or no sleeves? What length sleeves? Tunic or dress? Pockets or no pockets? I'll be sewing a tunic length skirt with pockets and a short sleeved bodice. I will try to go over other pertinent options as I get to them too (like the "burrito method" to help out those who are sewing up other options, so don't worry about that.

And that's all you have to do for today! Head on over to the Bella Sunshine Facebook group to join in the fun and post your pieces and/or fabric in the comments of the Day One picture in the album! You never know when we might award a random participation prize...

Make sure you check out our schedule so you can sew along with us! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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