The Sahara Sew Along- Coming Soon!

We've been gearing up for a new sew along for a while. There was a vote in the Facebook group and Sahara won by a landslide! And since it comes in both Ladies and girls sizing it's a great mommy-and-me opportunity or you can choose whichever you'd like. The steps are the same! The GREAT news is there's a SALE going on right now, so you can get the Ladies or Girls Sahara and all of the other amazing Bella Sunshine patterns for 30% off (for a limited time). What can you expect from a sew along? Let me enlighten you.

The Sahara Dress Sew Along


Our Promises to You

    • There will be a clear timeline. We will have a schedule for which steps we intend to complete on which days. There will be a blog post for each block of steps with a few pictures and some helpful hints to help you follow along. Of course, you are more than welcome to work at your own speed. So if you want to work ahead, that's great! If you're a little slower, that's fine too! We're here to help and support you either way!

    • It should be informative and helpful. Each blog post will include some helpful tips and tricks to make your project go just a little smoother. It might be explaining a technique you've never used before, it might be a pattern hack that you can add in to make the pattern *more* (hint hint), you never know! Part of the idea of a sew along is to help those along who might not be as familiar with the techniques or steps. So if you join us, please don't hesitate to ask questions (either on the blog or in the group, we answer both)! We are always more than willing to explain or demonstrate those things that are a little tougher to get.

  • Bella Sunshine sew alongs are a social and fun affair! While the bulk of the tips and steps will be posted here on the blog, we have a fantastic community in our group and we LOVE to see your work! Each sew along will have its own album with each day's steps included where you can post participation pictures. Oh, and did I mention prizes? We will randomly give away a few patterns during the sew along and will award more prizes at the end to those who have completed it and shared their beautiful creations!

Join us!

We'd LOVE to have you! Just look out for the May 29th blog post for Sew Along Day 1, join our Bella Sunshine Facebook group for the community and to share your participation, and take a peek at our timeline so you know what to expect... and get ready! I can't wait to get started!
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