Reagan Raglan Sew Along ~ Day 1

It's been too long since we've had some sew along fun. So here I am to bring it to you! Are you ready? This go round, we're going to sew up the very versatile (and free!) Reagan Raglan for Kids and Ladies! This is unisex for children, so bring on the boys! And we also have a ladies version if you're more in the mood for some selfish sewing. If you aren't already, join the Bella Sunshine Facebook group and peek at the pinned post for the code you need to make this amazing pattern yours at NO cost! Now... On to the fun!

Reagan Raglan Sew Along~ Print and Cut Paper Pattern, Choose Fabrics

As with any sew along, preparation is key! Today, we do the initial prep work. Get your pattern printed, assembled and cut. This does require you to have chosen your options. Are you sewing for a kid or adult? Are you going for a curved neckline or the original v-neck look? Do you need the sleeves long or short? All of these questions are crucial to the stack of pieces you will have when you're done.

Next, you'll want to Choose the fabric(s) you'll be using to complete your creation. Make it fun, make it crazy, make it traditional... Just make it YOURS! Creativity is one of the best parts of sewing!

Once you've got your fabric choices, join us in the Facebook group and add your picture to the comment of today's picture in the sew along album! You never know when we might decide to draw for a random prize. *wink wink* I'll be back with you all tomorrow! Until then, take a gander at the schedule, so you'll know what to expect!

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