PDF Pattern Series: Learning About Layers

Welcome back to our informative series about using PDF sewing patterns! So far we've told you why they are so amazing and talked about some storage options. Today, we're going to learn about layers, what they are, and how to use them effectively. I'll be using the lovely Amelia pattern in my screenshots to show you how it's done. Ready? I am!

PDF Pattern Series: Learning About Layers

One of my favorite things about PDF patterns has to be the layers feature. With it, you can print just the size you need. Or, if you need to blend sizes, the two (or three) sizes you need. So we're going to walk through how the layers feature works. I promise it's super simple!

Finding Your Layers

BSD patterns come equipped with the layers feature, but unfortunately, not all brands do. I'll show you how to tell. First, you'll want to open your pattern in the Adobe reader.

Next, look for the layers icon. I've circled it in the screenshot below. If you see this icon that means your pattern includes the layers feature. If not, you'll just have to watch the key to make sure you're cutting the right cut lines. I think most designers are using layer now, though, which makes the assembling and cutting process SO much nicer!

Now, you'll want to click on the little arrow next to the pattern name in the sidebar. This will open up the size options so you can select the size or sizes you need.

Pro Tip: Is that layers icon missing? Use the menu to turn them on by going to View>Show/Hide>Navigation Panes>Layers

Using Your Layers

From here, you'll click on the eye icons for the sizes you don't need. The eye means it is visible. If you're sewing a straight size you should only have on layer visible. When you are blending sizes to get the right fit, then you'll need to leave all pertinent layers visible so you can do your grading once you have your pieces printed and assembled.

Once that's done, you're left with a very clean pattern in only the size or sizes you need and you're ready to print! See? Super simple! And now that you know, cutting your patterns will never be hard again (as long as they include the layers feature).

Did you learn something new today? I hope you did! Now, feel free to share which tidbit of information was new to you today! As always, if you aren't already a member, feel free to join us in our Facebook community for questions, triumphs, and fun! Next week we'll take a look at printing and assembling your PDF patterns at home, so be ready!
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