Pattern Hack: Adding Fringe to the Hazel Dolman

Pattern Hack: Adding Fringe to the Hazel Dolman

Hi Sunshines! I'm An from Diskordia's Curvy Sewing. I'm so excited to be your guest blogger today. I'll be showing you how to do this very easy fun hack for adding fringe to your Hazel. The drawstrings on the shoulders of this pattern reminded me of a Mickey Mouse dress my mother bought me when I was a kid. It had the same sleeves as Hazel, but it also had this fun fringe at the bottom. It just had to be recreated! 

It's awesome, cause you don't have to hem the bottom, nobody likes hemming right!? and you get to play with your fabric, which is almost as fun as playing with your food as a kid ;). I guess our fabric is kind of like our food as a sewist if you come to think of it. Anyways, I'm wandering off. (This happens a lot to me) Another great thing is that you don't need anything more than a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter if you are braver then me. Also make sure your fabric curls, if it won't curl, you won't be able to make the fringes. 

How to do it!

I cut this one at dress length and marked the sideseams where the tunic line hits. This mark will be the end of your fringe, so you can move that up or down as you like. Construct the dress as you would otherwise but stop sewing your side seam where the mark is. That'll be the end of your side seam. 

I used a scrap for the tutorial pics, cause I'm a bit daft and I forgot to take them while actually making the dress. Round of applause!!!! :p

I then marked my scissors (using magnets) with the length of the fringe, so I didn't have to mark the entire dress. Then cut strips the width you want it to be, I cut the strips about 1 inch wide. Do this around the entire dress. The hem is a bit curved, so keep that in mind while cutting, don't be too worried about your cutting, once it turns into fringe you will not notice any too long or too short or too wide, etc. cuts.

Once that's done, the fun starts, you now want to turn those strips into

a fringe, just grab hold of the bottom and the top, pull it a bit and it should curl up. It takes a bit of practice. You'll get the hang off it after a few.  I did a short video on how I do one. You can find that here: Awesome Fringe Video.
Put on your favorite tv show, grab a cup of tea (or heck a glass of wine, I won't judge) and get them all done, this will take a while! But hey, easier than hemming still...maybe. :D Once you've done this, you are done! Make sure to show off your hacked dress in our facebook group! :) 

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