New Releases: Kelly's Twirly Skirt in Girls' and Women's Sizes

Kelly's Twirly Skirt Release!

This is big Y'all!  Like really big.  One of my huge goals for my business was to branch out to women's patterns but the summertime.  Today, I have made that goal!  I'd like to introduce to you Kelly's Twirly Skirt!!  It is available both in girls' sizes 12 months to 14 as well as women's sizes 0 to 20.  Here are a few pictures of myself and my mini-me sporting our new matching skirts:


The pattern features a two-layered circle skirt and a yoga waistband.  And since it's made from knit it is SUPER comfy!  The girl's version includes built-in modesty shorts to ensure your little one can play and still be ladylike.  Here are some pictures of my daughter showing it off:


This pattern is named after my dear friend Kelly.  She was one of my biggest supporters in the very beginning.  She used to always tell me she was eagerly awaiting the start of my business back before I had even made the decision to make the jump.  This also was the very first pattern I ever digitally drafted a year ago back in February.  I'm glad I made the decision to see it through and finally release it.

I had some AMAZING testers this round of testing.  Honestly, these ladies always go above and beyond for me every single time.  Check out some of their awesome images below as well as links to their sites:

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Girls-Twirly-Skirt-62 Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Skirt-31

Heidi with These Old Blues made one for her and her kiddo (and graciously took pictures in the freezing cold)

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Skirt-32Lindsay of From Zay to Zie love to twirl in their mother/daughter skirts.



Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Circle-Skirt-16Jamie of The Toasted Tulip made SEVEN skirts in 5 different sizes!

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Circle-Skirt-15Victoria totally rocked her skirt with a pair of boots!  The Texan in me loves this by the way!

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Circle-Skirt-12Tasha looks amazing in her skirt.

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Circle-Skirt-08Essence of Adventures with Bubba and Bug looks so cute with her daughter in their matching skirts.


 Rebecca of I'm Just Like Mommy shows off her belly along with her floral skirt.  It works perfectly for maternity wear!


Amanda Rose hand stamped adorable little cameras on her daughter's skirt!  What a creative and fun idea!  The photographer in me wants one too!


 Rebekah of Rebekah Sews shows that polka dots never go out of style.

Bella-Sunshine-Designs-PDF-Sewing-Patterns-Women-Twirly-Circle-Skirt-01Ashley of Magically Stitched made amazing mother and daughter matching skirts.  The turquoise makes me so ready for summer!


 Alexandra of Maman Anglaise made an awesome skirt for her preteen girl.


Lydia of Huckleberry Love made the cutest matching skirts for her girls.  That fabric couldn't get any more awesome!

All these cute skirts make me excited to enjoy some sunshine!  And everyone needs a twirly skirt.  I think good twirl factor is a must for any skirt. Be sure to pick up your copy of Kelly's Twirly Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern available in both women's and girls' sizes.  You can also save yourself a few bucks by just going ahead and buying them both with our Bundle Up option.  I promise once you make one, you're going to want both size ranges!

ReleasePromos-01 copy

And as always because my customers are the best, I'm giving you a special sale.  No coupon code needed this time.  All patterns on our website will be marked down until April 15th.  Be sure to pick up a copy of our Bow Tie Leggings & Shorts pattern or our Holiday Cutout Dress & Top Pattern if you haven't already.


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These patterns were retired, but you can still find them for sale here:

Melissa Prendergast

They all look so great! My daughter can’t wait for me to make her more!!!!

Heidi Richardson

WHERE is one able to actually purchase the Kelly Twirly Pattern? I’ve spent nearly an hour last night going round and round and round all 4 pages of patterns for girls and the bundles, get routed back to this page over and over and am frustrated beyond belief at this point!!! If its no longer for sale then why this EPIC gargantuan and exceedingly LONG web page – and no where found to purchase the pattern that brought me to this site!


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