New Release: Maggie Top, Tunic & Dress for Ladies

Hello sunshine! Melissa here.  And have I got a treat for you today! I know here at BSD we mainly focus on children's designs, but this year we've been slowly adding to our women's patterns. I love to sew for myself but I barely ever get any time to do so. What I really need is a nice basic that I can sew up during my little one's nap time. Enter the Maggie Top, Tunic & Dress for Ladies.

Introducing the Maggie for Ladies!

The Maggie goes together fast, y'all! Which is always a plus when you sew as slowly as I do! The Maggie is super flattering and oh so comfy. It's perfect for that knit fabric you've been hoarding. Take a look at the holiday version I made.

dsc_3830 dsc_3828 dsc_3823 dsc_3812 dsc_3809


Cute, right? My husband loved it on me, too.  That always makes me feel good.  In fact, I loved it so much that I actually wore it for our family Christmas cards.  Take a look:


OK, so maybe this photo doesn't show off the pattern too well, but how cute are my girls? I'd love to say I made their outfits, but I totally cheated and got them at Old Navy. There never seems to be enough time to go around this time of year.

My testers did an amazing job with the Maggie. Check out some of my favorite photos below.  I love how flattering it looks on all shapes and sizes.  It really shows off your curves!

bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-159 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-157 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-125 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-142 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-093 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-079 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-002 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-018 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-075 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-150


bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-176 bsd-maggie-top-tunic-dress-ladies-pdf-sewing-pattern-167


Nice, right?  I think my favorite part of this pattern is that there is an optional bust adjustment included. I always have to make a bust adjustment for every single thing that I sew, so it's nice to not have to do that for once!

Hurry up and get a copy of Maggie for Ladies before the sale ends on December 23rd! And if you'd like to match your little girl, you have a bundle where you can get both the Maggie for Girls and the Maggie for Ladies for a discount!  Be sure and check it out.  Also, if you haven't noticed, we lowered the prices on ALL of our patterns across the board, so if you've been secretly wanting a pattern (or two), now is the perfect time to pick up a copy.

Happy Sewing!
Melissa Prendergast


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