Meet Robin And Avery For Staying Home!

Anybody need more comfy clothing for quarantine? Well, we've got you covered with Robin and Avery. Let's go see what they're all about.

Meet Robin And Avery For Cozy Nights!

While they are releasing together, Robin and Avery are two outstanding stand-alone patterns that happen to be the perfect complement to the other. As such, we'll go over them in turn so that you get the full experience.


Who doesn't love a warm cozy pair of soft flannel pants? I know they're my favorite in winter. Or how about some lightweight breathable sleep shorts when the nights get hot? With Robin, you can have it all! These sleep pants were designed for woven fabrics with an elastic waistband. They can be made into short shorts, long shorts, or full-length pants. and if you're looking for a little extra comfort, we have a tutorial on how to swap out that elastic waist for a knit waistband! Robin is available in both adult and child sizing, as well as in a bundle if you want it all for matching family pajamas! Just look at how adorable Robin can be!


We couldn't leave Robin to fend for itself, now could we? So Avery was created. This pattern is the top to Robin's bottom. Designed for knit fabrics, it provides great comfort in its design. And like all of our other adult tops, it includes a ready-made full chest adjustment if that is something you need. Avery doesn't NEED Robin, however, as it comes in shirt, tunic, and dress/nightgown lengths! It also has options for short, 3/4, and long sleeves, to make it the perfect choice regardless of the season. Just look at these gorgeous Avery's!

Both Robin and Avery come in our full range of adult and child sizing You can get both of these on sale from now through Tuesday, April 28th! Plus, bundle the patterns and you can save even more!

Please join us in our Facebook group to share your Bella Sunshine creations! We really do love seeing them! What else do you want to see from us this year? Let us know in the comments!
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