Make It A BSD Halloween (Contest)!

It's only September, I know. But in my house, we plan for Halloween early. And that means costume time! Why not turn Halloween prep into something even MORE fun?

Make It A BSD Halloween (Contest)!

Sound like fun? It does to me! I LOVE Halloween! It is literally my favorite time of the year. And one of the best things about it is the costumes, right? Right. 

Imagination is key, but you can totally take a Bella Sunshine project and create a costume custom-tailored to you and/or your kids! For example, Melissa used Juliet to turn her girls into the sweetest looking little Nemo and Dory I've ever seen! Just see for yourself!

Juliet could also work well as a princess dress. Turn Hazel or Maggie into the perfect Sally costume. Take Eden and Regan to match her up with a Jack. There are SO many possibilities!

We have some other great inspiration here too, just look and see below!

This one was genius! Clementine slightly modified made a PERFECT Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter!

And Sahara made an ADORABLE Sally dress that's been in this girl's Halloween wardrobe for several years now! Gotta love that!

Now that you're all good and inspired... this is going to be a contest in our Facebook group for the WHOLE month of September! Pick out a Bella Sunshine costume and turn it into an amazing costume! Then post it in our group with hashtag #BSDHalloween and we'll choose a winner at the end of the month for an awesome prize! Either way, you end up with a great handmade one of a kind costume, so what do you have to lose? We can't WAIT to see your costumes in the group!
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