Let's Get Busy With A Sahara Sew-Along!

We haven't done our own sew-along in a while, so we thought it was time! And we're going to try something a little different this time. I'll explain below, so let's get ready for a Sahara sew-along!

Let's Get Busy With A Sahara Sew-Along!

Sahara is by far one of our best-selling patterns, most requested sew along, and one of my personal favorites. I've honestly lost track of how many of them I've made since its release. Due to its popularity, I thought I'd acquiesce to all of those requests and run a new Sahara sew-along! (Of course, it doesn't hurt that I also need to make yet another one for my daughter's Christmas dress. Haha)

The main idea of this sew along remains the same. I will release a schedule, and we will follow that schedule together over about 2 weeks to produce Sahara tops and dresses to our hearts' content. Then, when it's all over, I will announce the winner(s) of some Bella Sunshine gift card credits!

How it will differ is that we want to try it out in email format. Don't worry if you prefer a group setting, I will also be utilizing our sew-along group for the posts and everyone who wants to be considered for a prize will be posting their pictures there. (Links to that group will be provided in each email.) If you want to sign up for the emails, just visit our main page, scroll to the bottom, and fill in your first name and email address in the boxes before you click the submit button. Easy peasy!

Why Sahara?

Well, my main reasons are outlined above, but obviously it didn't become my favorite for no reason. I love the scooped low back and all the options. You are welcome to sew in any size (meaning adult or children's sizing) and with any options that you'd like. Top, dress, sleeveless, long sleeves, anything goes! There are SO many different ways to make Sahara!

Are you in? Great! I can tell you, the tentative time frame is the second full week of November. So make sure you sign up for the email list and join our sew-along group and get ready! I'll have more details in those two places soon!
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I have now made 4 Sahara dressed for my two granddaughters. They love them! They are quick and easy to modify. Not a fan of the low back as they live in cooler climates, Paris and Seattle where their little backs would get cold. So I just have used the front for both the front and back with great success. I’m not comfortable with posting their pictures on an international website but suffice to say they fit true to size and are super cute.

Carol Dawson

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