Let's Do The #MonsterMash!

The beginning of the month means a new sewing challenge and contest! And in honor of this being the month of Halloween, we're dubbing this month's contest the #MonsterMash!

Let's Do The #MonsterMash!

This month, we want to see even more of your amazing creativity! Do you have your favorite Bella Sunshine patterns? We all do! But sometimes we all want something maybe a little bit different, right? Now's the time! #MonsterMash is the perfect time for you to do some experimenting and make something new! How? Let me explain!

Take 2 of your favorite Bella Sunshine patterns and mash them together!

For instance, you can use the bodice of the Sahara with the skirt from Maci:

They really do seem to be quite a perfect match, don't you think?

Or how about the top of a Maggie mashed with the swing of Sophia?

Looks like the perfect little fall top to me! And since these patterns also come in adult sizes, you could easily make one for yourself too!

There's always the Amelia bodice with an Emmaline skirt...

So classic and classy looking. I'm really loving this simple yet sweet combination!

Even better! Take the bodice from Emmaline and throw in Sahara's skirt and sleeves! Magic!

And you really can't beat a good twirl factor! This one is especially good if you want a higher back neckline or just don't care for lined bodices.

This is one of my personal favorites...

An Emmaline bodice with a Sahara skirt. Perfect for tops or dresses and really, versatile enough to make for any kind of weather! (Although I must confess it is MUCH like the example above, I love that this particular version can be made in my size! haha)

Now that we've filled you with inspiration, what are you going to make? Just let your imagination go wild and think of all the different combinations you could make! We can't WAIT to see your creations! Just make sure you post them in our Facebook group and put #MonsterMash somewhere in the post so that we can find it! And don't forget, one lucky participant will win an amazing prize! This month it's a $25 gift certificate from Q A Fabrics!

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