Interview With A Tester ~ Veteran Edition

Last week we spoke with Sarah Beasley, a newer pattern tester. She had some amazing answers and insight! This week, for out interview with a tester, we caught up with, An Staute, veteran tester and BSD international admin. Let's see what she had to say!

Interview With A Tester ~ Veteran Edition

How long have you been testing for Bella Sunshine?

I think 1 year to the day almost!

What made you decide to apply to be a tester?

Amelia! I saw that call and was sold! I was actually very nervous, because it seemed so professional!

What is your favorite thing about Bella Sunshine patterns?

I love how the patterns are so well drafted and lots of thinking went into them. I love testing these patterns cause it's fun to be part of the process and we usually have a lot of fun in the process

What is your favorite part of the testing process?

Seeing what other testers come up with, the friendships I got out of it and our little twirl offs.

I love that! Which pattern has been your favorite to test? And why?

Amelia, because it was such an inspiring experience. I had no clue how to really fit for my body, until BSD taught me. I learned so so much from that test! And it's just a stunning dress!

What types of patterns do you hope to test in the future?

A classy jumpsuit!

Oooh! That would be amazing! Ok, last question! What advice to you have for other tester hopefuls?

To come join us! It's fun and educational!

What a great interview! I love the answers I got from both ladies so much! I hope you have enjoyed some of An's favorite pictures that she's shared with us from some of her pattern tests. And we look forward to many more tests with her! If you've enjoyed our interview with a tester mini-series, let us know in the comments! What are some questions you'd like to ask our testers?

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