Interview With a Tester- Newbie Edition

We all know that a pattern must go through multiple incarnations and many rounds of testing to get it just right. How does it get there? With the help of testers, of course! So we thought we'd interview a new and an experienced tester. And now you can learn what it's like in the life and mind of a BSD tester!

Interview With a Tester- Newbie Edition

For the newer tester, I interviewed Sarah Beasley. She's a newer tester with Bella Sunshine and we thought she would give a great fresh perspective on what it's like!

Here's our conversation:

How long have you been testing for Bella Sunshine?

Tess Tulip shorts were the first, so I think last summer.

What made you decide to apply to be a tester?

I had done a couple with other designers, but never shorts! This was the first pattern test for bottoms for me. I have a little girl who has bad eczema and polyester gives her hives. This was a way for me to see if I could make her some cute bottoms and control the material she was exposed to.

That's so sweet! What is your favorite thing about Bella Sunshine patterns?

I love how the tutorials are not overly complicated and give a beautiful finish. Simple ways to enclose seams for a finished look on the inside as well. Plus I love the community. I am a very visual person and if I don't understand a step then there are usually 5 people ready to jump in and help.

What is your favorite part of the testing process?

Learning new techniques! With every BSD sew I have learned something new to me and I am able to take it and apply it to other projects which is awesome. I also love the picture taking though all I have is my cell phone.

Which pattern has been your favorite to test? And why?

Tough choice. I think Rebel Girl Party dress. I love the back cutout and the pleats! It is the one design I have made multiples of and my kiddo loves the twirl factor she gets out of it and I love another option besides gathering. I made a rainbow one and it is her favorite dress to date!

That's awesome! I love rainbows. So what types of patterns do you hope to test in the future?

I sent a couple of recommendations in the last poll for ideas! #1 has to be some boys or unisex patterns. I have two girls I test for often and my little man gets left out! He is the one that loves to help me the most! #2 I saw an awesome pin of what I call a mash between the Sansa and an overall! So some more bottoms would be great as well! #3 I will eventually get over my fear of knits and so some knit tops would be great!

You have some really GREAT ideas! Ok, last question! What advice do you have for other tester hopefuls?

To keep on trying and ask questions! Even if you don't understand a step chances are someone else doesn't either or a different way to write it for a total beginner! Be willing to try something a little outside your comfort zone and the results over time will be amazing! I love pattern testing as I make myself learn something new or try something new! So sometimes even if my end result isn't perfect, I am still proud of myself.

We want to thank Sarah very much for her time. She gave us some really great answers and we hope you enjoyed climbing into her mind about testing! Next week we'll dive into an interview with An Staute for a more experienced tester's perspective! We hope you'll join us!

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