How to Measure: The Key to the Perfect Fit

Happy Friday!  Who is excited about the weekend?!?!  I spent all day yesterday thinking that it was Friday, so I am SO ready for the weekend. I'm going to start out today with a two-part blog series that I think will help out both new and experienced sewists. First, we'll discuss how to properly measure for a perfect fit every time.


How to Measure: The Key to the Perfect Fit

I see a lot of people having fit issues on the sewing boards.  Most of the time the issues can be categorized into two main categories: not measuring properly, and not blending sizes to get that customized fit.  While sometimes the pattern is also to blame, most of the time it's because of one of the above-mentioned issues.  So what better reason for a blog post?  And I have an even better special treat for you today.  My very first video!  When my hubby decided he wanted a GoPro, I quickly stole borrowed it so that I could add some amazing content for you guys.  And since it's near impossible to illustrate how to measure properly in photos, I figured now was a perfect time to get behind the camera and show you!

Without further ado, check it out!

This video was brought to you by my southern accent, crazy children, and cluttered sewing room.  Hope you enjoyed it!  Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel.  Did you learn anything new?  Let me know in the comments!
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