How to Choose the Correct PDF File

Hello, Sunshines! Here at BSD, we are all about options. If you are new to the brand, those options can be a bit overwhelming at first. That's why we created this handy blog post to get you on track.

When you head to the downloads area of the site, you'll see a long (or short if you're not as addicted to buying patterns as we are) list of files like this:

Basically, every pattern comes with at least 3 different files:

  • A main PDF file that includes the instructions and the print at home pieces
  • An A0 file for use with wide format printers like those found in copy shops
  • A projector file that is not meant to be printer and only for use for projecting onto a cutting mat

Let's go through them one by one.

The Main PDF

This file always starts with the letters "BSD" and includes the instructions. The download link will also mention that its for home use. If you are trying to print the pattern and its only print 1 or 2 pages (and you don't see any instructions), you've got the wrong file type!

On the website:

On your computer:

You can find a pages to print chart on page 2 of the pattern that will tell you exactly what pages to print for the size(s) you need.

The A0 File

This file only contains pattern pieces on a very large (A0 sized) paper. It is for use with wide format printers so that there is no need for taping. When downloading on the website, the file name will specify it is an A0 file.

On the website:

On your computer:

The Projector File

The last file type is the projector file. These files are meant to be projected onto a cutting mat to cut the pattern without using paper. If you are new projectors, you can learn how to use our projector files here.

On the website:

On your computer:

As always, if you ever need any help finding out which file is which, check out the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group for help.

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