Holiday Cutout Blog Tour: Day 6

It's the last day of our blog tour, and we are ending it with a bang!  If you missed day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, or day 5, be sure to check them out.


Today we have From-a-Box and Lulu & Celeste as our last stop: BSD Holiday Cutout Pumpkin Patch Top 1

First up on the Blog Tour is Stacey blogging at From-a-Box.  That’s what her house looks like, a box dropped on a neighborhood lot in the Pacific Northwest.  At the box, She parents 3 kids, works full time, and LOVEs to sew Indie Designer patterns - like the Holiday Cutout Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs!  Because her favorite season is Autumn, she fashioned a Pumpkin-Patch-worthy top from the pattern, complete with a pumpkin cutout in the back and appliquéd pumpkins on the front.  And as an added bonus, the Pumpkin Patch Top puts Stacey 6 months ahead and ready for October already.  Go see the Holiday Cutout Dress here.



Next we have Ula who blogs over at Lulu & Celeste where she shares the clothing and other fun things she sews. She sews mainly for her two girls, "Silly Bean" and "Baby V", who are fun to sew for since they don't take up a lot of fabric! She's even written a couple tutorials for small crafts and has a few more in the works. You can see more here.

That's a wrap!  It's been so much fun seeing what everyone has come up with using the Holiday Cutout Dress & Top PDF Sewing Pattern.  Just to recap, here are the great bloggers that we've seen along with their posts.

Day 1:

Rebel & Malice

Clever Catastrophe

Day 2:

The Berry Bunch

Amanda Rose

Day 3:

Candice Ayala

Calm & Carrion

Felt with Love Designs

Day 4:

Create 3.5

Young Whimsy

Day 5:

House of Estrela

Huckleberry Love

Day 6:


Lulu & Celeste

Be sure to check back and look at any of the ones you missed!  And I must add a HUGE thank you to all of the lovely ladies that participated in my first Blog Tour.  They did a lot of hard work and made the whole thing a lot of fun.


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