Holiday Cutout Blog Tour: Day 5

We are now on DAY 5 of our Blog Tour!  Oh my goodness we are almost done!  Be sure to check out day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4 if you haven't already.


For Day 5, we have House of Estrela & Huckleberry Lovep.txtHouse of Estrela is a little sewing blog, from Portugal. You can find all the adventures of a stay at home mom (of two) that sews for the love of doing it. You can find a very significant amount of refashions in this blog, because its author just loves to get creative and turn pre-existing clothes into a whole different thing. Check out her post here. 



Lydia is one of four friends behind the blog, Huckleberry Love, where they chronicle their DIY adventures, share sewing and crochet projects, and write about life with their littles. When she isn't wrangling her three kiddos, Lydia is either cutting out another sewing project, reading three books at a time, or trying to stop herself from binge eating on donuts. She would love for you to join her over at Huckleberry Love, as she and her three friends craft, create, and cheerfully make their way through motherhood! See what she came up with!

Join us tomorrow when we visit From-a-Box & Lulu & Celeste!
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