How to Hide Seams in a Banded Hem

This is for those of you who love the inside of a piece to be as pretty as the outside. Hiding the seam of a banded hem not only helps the look, but it can also avoid the irritation a seam can cause to a child, especially if that child has sensory issues. Want to know how to hide those seams? Keep reading and we'll show you!

How to Hide Seams in a Banded Hem

For this tutorial, we're going to use Juliet Flutter Dress as our example. This will work with any banded hem, though!

1.  Begin just after step 34 in the Juliet tutorial instructions.  The two skirt, two main skirt band, and skirt band lining pieces should be sewn at the short sides into loops. The main skirt band and skirt band lining should be sewn together at one long edge.

2. With the wrong side facing up, fold the edge of the skirt band lining up 3/8th of an inch. Press well.

3.  With right sides facing, line up the raw edges of the skirt and skirt band lining. Begin pinning at the side seams. Find the front and back mid point by lining up the side seam pins. Pin the front and back. Continue pinning around the skirt and skirt while evenly distributing the fabric between the pins.

4.  Sew with a 3/8" seam allowance.

5.  Press the seam allowance down towards the skirt band.

6.  Fold the main skirt band up and press the seam between the two skirt band pieces.

7.  Bring the top edge of the main skirt band to the bottom edge of the skirt. Overlap the folded edge of the main skirt band and the seam allowance of the skirt and skirt band lining.

8. Pin together beginning with the sides/front/back as done previously on the skirt and skirt band lining.

9.  Topstitch using a 1/8" seam allowance. Be sure to catch the top edge of the skirt band lining on the back.

10.  Give a final press to the seams.

Congratulations! The seams are now hidden and the skirt is ready for gathers.
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I had to read it very carefully and then read it again, but I guess it makes more sense when you have actual pattern pieces in front of you. I think I understand how to do it ;-)

Nathalie V.

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