#GetGrateful in November!

New month, new contest. And we think you'll really like this one! Let's get ready to #GetGrateful!

#GetGrateful in November!

This month's contest is all about gratefulness, which will make it SO easy to enter! All you need to do is sew up something from Bella Sunshine for someone in your life that you're grateful for (and yes, you can totally sew for yourself too!). Or use fabric in a design that relates to something you're grateful for. Once you've sewn up your gratefulness, just post it in our group on Facebook and include the hashtag #GetGrateful in your post so we can find it later and so anyone else who wants to see can find it easily!

To (hopefully) help you out a little, I've asked our admins to share what they're grateful for. Here's what they said:


"These three little people light up my whole world. They are the reason for everything that I do. I am so grateful for them as well as for my husband. My family makes every crazy chaotic thing in my life totally worth it. I am so blessed to have them all in my life."


"I am grateful to be alive and for the experiences that have gotten me here. I am thankful I can share my life with the ones I love."


"The grateful in my life comes from my family. My amazingly supportive and loving husband, my children (yes, even when they're trying their hardest to wreck my calm), my grown child who is living hours away from me, and the little one still cooking that we'll get to meet in February. By extension, I'm also eternally grateful to the parents who brought me up as best as they could, and to my husband's family who brought him up to be the man that he is today."


"I'm so grateful for my husband and my family and friends. Relationships are what make life meaningful and I have some awesome relationships to be grateful for!"


"I'm grateful for my family and friends, for having God in control! Family is the glue that puts my life together. I thank God everyday for having them and for my friends, including the BSD team, my far from me friends because I don't feel you as virtual friends."


"I'm grateful to these two mini monkeys that bring so much humor and joy to life and remind me to stay present. So thankful for baby snuggles (and coffee!)."


"I am grateful to live in a place with amazing views of the mountains, to own my own home and be able to share the space with my children and animals and any friends needing a room. Also for enough money coming in each month to meet basic needs plus a bit extra for fabric."


"I am so incredibly thankful for my husband Mark. We’ve been married for over 44 years and although life has been full of challenges it’s also been full of happiness, joy and lots of love. We’ve been blessed with two beautiful, smart, wonderful daughters who are married to men I adore plus six gorgeous grandchildren. I’m beyond happy to call this family, mine."


"I’m thankful for my first baby joining us in January."

Now that we're all full of warm fuzzies, go grab your favorite BSD pattern so we can see what/who you're grateful for... we can't wait to see! And to sweeten the pot just a little, we'll be giving away a $25 gift card to Amelia Lane Designs fabric group to a random entry. I'll draw our winner sometime at the beginning of December. You can't win if you don't enter... and you might just end up with one more thing to be grateful for!
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