The Felicity Dress and Top: Maxi Version Hack

You asked for it and here it is! We worked to provide you a FREE maxi add-on to the Felicity Dress & Top. This download is now available to everyone that has purchased or will purchase the Felicity Dress & Top.  Just check out the My Account page and you will find this new file available under your downloads if you have already bought the pattern. I give you the Maxi version of the Felicity Dress & Top pattern.


If you don't have your copy of the Felicity Dress & Top yet, you can get it here still on sale through Memorial day for just $5.95.

With the chart measurement below, you can make your own gorgeous Felicity maxi dress!

The Felicity Maxi Hack

Let's get started!

Step 1:

For this step you will be needing bodice pattern pieces  front/ back and straps pattern pieces from the Felicity Dress & Top pattern. Follow Step 1 of the pattern tutorial to transfer all pattern markings and notches.


Step 2:

There are two ways to sew the spaghetti straps. You can follow Steps 2-3 of the pattern tutorial to create your straps or if you rather have photos tutorial and a cheater method, check out our photo tutorial along with a quick cheater method for the straps here.

Step 3:

Follow steps 4-10 of the pattern tutorial to complete your bodice. When you done with step 10, your bodice should look like this


Step 4:

To make your maxi dress you need to add LENGTH to your skirt piece for both options (gathered or pin tucks). Refer to your free Felicity Maxi Add-On pdf found your downloads page of the My Account section of our website. If using the pattern pieces, just print the size you need and tape the pieces edge to edge to add onto the LENGTH of the skirt.

If you prefer a cutting charts, measurements for the new maxi length are included in the add on on page 4.

Step 5:

Follow steps 11-13 of your original pattern tutorial to sew your tucks.  If you would like a photo tutorial for these steps, check out our blog here. if you are gathering the front skirt instead of tucks, follow steps 14-15 of the pattern tutorial.

Step 6:

To create and hem your main and lining skirt, follow steps 16-18. If you are going to add ruffles to your main skirt bottom, please skip step 17 and continue with step 18 to hem your skirt lining!

Step 7:

If you are planning to add ruffles to your skirt bottom, follow steps 19-22 of the pattern tutorial to create and hem your ruffles.

IMG_5581 IMG_5583

Step 8:

Follow steps 23-25 of the pattern tutorial to attach and finish the ruffles to the skirt. If you are not adding ruffles to the skirt please skip to step 9.

Step 9:

Follow Steps 26-28 of the pattern tutorial to attach the skirt to the bodice. Do this also for the lining skirt.

Step 10:

Follow steps 29-34 of the pattern tutorial to create elastic casing on the back bodice. If you are going to shirr your back bodice please follow steps 35-36 of the pattern tutorial.


You did it. Now stand back and admire your Felicity Maxi dress <3. Perfect for weddings but also for the beach.



Check out one of our tester maxi versions:

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That’s great.


Great tips although, I have tried to follow the tips for the maxi dress, but I think only ladies tailer can do that. I have not enough awareness how to stitches and cut down the dress.


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