Fall In Love With The Little Love! New Release!

What? Another new release? Yes, it is! It goes live today, along with Adella kids, adults, and bundle! And you're really going to love our Little Love! The first in our infant line! Let's take a peek at what all it has to offer!

Fall In Love With The Little Love! New Release!

When our fearless leader added a new bundle to her family, we were all lucky enough to benefit too... in the form of the beginning of some truly exceptional baby patterns! The Little Love is the first in a (hopefully long) line of the cutest baby things you could ever want with the phenomenal quality you know and trust with the Bella Sunshine name!

Options for all!

The first thing to take notice of is the size range. Little Love is available in sizes preemie through 24 months, making it one you will use again and again. For your own babies, baby showers, holidays... It's likely to become a staple in any pattern library. Aside from that, all of the options have the lap-neck opening for ease of putting on and removing the bodysuit, as well as a snap crotch to keep everything where it belongs.

It also comes with three different sleeve options. Sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeves, which make it work no matter what season or climate you happen to be in! Just look at all of the adorableness! (Just make sure you notice the sleeves too! haha)

Another option you might like is the chest pocket. It's teeny, but functional, not that I'd know what to put in it! Regardless, it adds a little something to the style to make the bodysuit just a little cuter, don't you think?

And then there's maybe my favorite option of all! The skirted bodysuit version! Yes, it's a little more complicated of a sew, but you can't argue with the cute factor! And since it's a circle skirt, there's no gathering necessary! Just look at all of these gorgeous one-piece baby dresses!

Little Love is also on sale! You can get if for only $5.50 through 11/02/2019! It's a great deal, so jump on it while you can!

As always, we would LOVE to see all of your sewn up Little Loves! So hop on over to our Facebook group and share away! We can also help you out if you get stuck, so please, take advantage of all of our knowledge!
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