Fabric Storage Solutions

If you sew, you have fabric. If you have fabric, you need a way to store it. Fabric storage is SO important to those of us who sew. So today we'll talk about some ways you can successfully store and organize your fabric hoard! We asked our testers and fans how they store fabric and here are some of their BEST ideas (and their own pictures)!

Fabric  Storage Solutions


While not always the most practical in most houses, if you have an abundance of closet space, use it! You can fold and hang the fabric or just add narrow shelves and fill it up! Here, she's used a variety of shelves, cubes, drawers, and bins within a closet to make this solution work!


Bookshelves used to be my go-to solution, but my hoard outgrew my space, so I had to move on to bigger things. This combination of bookshelves and reusable clear shoe boxes looks like a winning combination, though! So simple and organized! And you have to love how you can still "see" everything, even though it's all neatly tucked away.


Talk about organized! Cubes are a great solution if you want to fold and stack your fabric up. They seem to have just the right width to keep everything neatly stacked while maintaining visibility. Another fun option with cubes (or bookshelves) if you have a lot of woven fabric is...

Comic book boards! You can pick them up on Amazon or in a local comic shop. Just fold them down to the correct height and roll it up! Then you can stand them up and you have your own little mini-quilt shop setup... How cute!

Metal Shelving

For those of us with massive stashes, metal shelving is one of the best ways to go! They are often large, which means ample room for all of your fabric goodies. And they're super sturdy, so the weight load isn't a problem!


Our final fabric storage solution is the one I am currently using. It's fabulous for when you have a LOT to store. I'm talking totes. Just fold up your fabric and place it neatly inside. Clear sides make it easy to find what you're looking for and you can combine this option with several of the others... Stack them in a closet, on shelving of any kind... Or just stack them on the floor. Mine are sitting on wooden shelving in my basement. Still so easy to get to and convenient... where no kids or pets can get at it!

How do you store YOUR fabric? We'd love to know! Just let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to join our Facebook group for other fun tips and gorgeous sews from our members!
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