Fabric Panels and What To Do With Them!

Many seamstresses nowadays belong to any number of custom knit fabric groups on Facebook. Most of those groups are now offering fabric panels to turn into garments, blankets, bags... all kinds of things! But if you're newer to sewing or newer to these custom groups or the concept of knit panels, what do you do with them? I'll tell you!

Fabric Panels and What To Do With Them!

As far as clothing goes, panels can be GREAT fun. You can use them as a panel in a skirt front (think of a knit Isabella's!). You could use it as the back of a cardigan. Or, my favorite, simply the front of a tee shirt, which is what I'm going to share with you today.

The fabric I'm using is from a  Facebook group called Moon Beam Textile Company (you can find the site for purchasing here), and they run SO many amazing geeky prints! I absolutely LIVE for the geek, so it's one of my all-time favorite groups to be in.

Making a Graphic Panel Tee

To start, get your panel and make sure your shirt front will fit within the piece. Here, I'm using the Maggie for myself and also Maggie for my daughter. You can usually fit up to a size 4t on a child-sized panel and most adult sizes on an adult panel. When you fold the panel in half, make sure your fold goes through the center of the panel design so it isn't off-center when you cut.

Cut your front from the panel. Sometimes you can get a neckband out of the panel as well, but not always. Cut your back, sleeves, and neckband (if you didn't get it from the panel) out of a coordinating fabric and sew as usual. When you're done, you have a unique self-made graphic tee that is perfectly you (or your kid) in every way from fit to personality!

I LOVE using fabric panels and fun custom prints to make wardrobes that are unique to my family. They fit all of our interests and personalities. They're fun, colorful, and uniquely "us", which is always worthy of striving for! Do you have a favorite fabric group? Or a way to use panels that we haven't mentioned? Please share with us in the comments below!

Also, join our Facebook group to join the community and share your makes, questions, and triumphs with us! We adore our community and LOVE to see it growing with such amazing, kind, and talented people!
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