Easy Gifting Crafts: Hanging Kitchen Towels

I always have the best intentions of making handmade gifts... and almost every year I fall short on time. I can't be the only one. So this year, leading up to the holidays, I'll occasionally be posting a quick and easy crafting tutorial for some great things to gift! Today's tutorial? Hanging kitchen towels!

Easy Gifting Crafts: Hanging Kitchen Towels

To Prepare:

To start, you will need a  square potholder with a loop, a kitchen towel, and a large button. (Button not pictured here, but you will need one lol)

The first thing you need to do is find the center of your potholder. As most potholders are about 6 inches square, I found it easiest to just lay my acrylic ruler on top of it and mark the center. Keep in mind, some potholders have the loop on a corner. If this is the case, you will mark the corners and your top will be triangular when finished.

I just make little marks at the edges. Ink pen was used here for better visibility in pictures, but you could also use chalk or a fabric marking pen. (Tags were also cut so it didn't get in the way later.)

Now that that's done, we need to mark the towel. Measure the length, find the center, and draw a line straight across. You will use this line to gather your towel.

Sewing Your Hanging Towel

To begin the sewing process, you need to gather your towel. So, using the line you drew as a guide, sew your gathering stitches. (You can find various methods of gathering here if you are unsure how to do this.)

Once you have your stitches in, gather your towel to the same width as the potholder.

And then you are going to pin the towel to the potholder right sides together. I start by pinning the center of the towel to the center of the potholder on either side before pinning the center down. This picture shows that my towel is pinned with the graphic sides of both against each other.

When you're satisfied with the placement, you'll take it back to your machine and run a straight stitch across the center of everything along the same line you used to make your gathers. Then you're almost done!

Finishing Touch

Here's where the button comes in. Find the center top of the potholder on the side without the loop and mark it. Then sew your button on right there. Pull the loop over the button and you're done! A beautiful hanging towel that should take less than 10 minutes to complete!

Don't just think of these as Christmas gifts, either! They're also great for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc! Personalize it with embroidery or themed towels to make it perfect for your recipient! It's so easy to make this a perfectly thoughtful gift!

Do you have any tutorial requests for fast and easy gifts? Leave your request in the comments and we'll do our best to bring you what you're looking for! Don't forget to join our Facebook group for news and sharing! We'd love to see you there!
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