Box Pleat Hack for Rose Bubble shorts

I really wanted to try to hack the new Rose Bubble Shorts and do a box pleat version.  I am loving the look!

For those who want to give it a go, here is the tutorial:

You will need:

-Fabric (I used Orange 100% cotton)
-Your front shorts pieces

Are you ready?

Here we go!

    1. Follow step 1 of the pattern tutorial to transfer all your pattern markings to your fabric pieces. This is a necessary step, don't skip it!


2. Working on the wrong side of the front short pieces, follow step 2 of the pattern tutorial to baste your pleats in each marking.

Here is what the wrong side should look like.


Here is what the right side should look like.


3. To create an open box pleat you want to press the pleats flat from the back and baste them in place.


YAY! You are done!

4. Continue with step 4 of the pattern tutorial to finish the shorts! When you are done with the tutorial, your shorts should look like this!

It's amazing how that one little tweak will give a pattern a whole new life, isn't it?



If you love this hack, please share in the comments below! If you try this hack, please share it with us in the Bella Sunshine Facebook group! We'd LOVE to see it! If you have any other hack ideas you'd like to see us write about? Also comment below or let us know in the group! We can ALWAYS use fresh ideas!

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