How to Blend Sizes: The Key to the Perfect Fit

The first step we discussed in last week's post which is to take accurate measurements.  Today I want to  continue on to the second part of our two-part series on The Key to the Perfect Fit and talk about how to blend sizes.  If you are like most people I know, your little one does not fit the standard size.  Just like adults, kids come in all different shapes in sizes.  Some are short, some are tall.  Wherever they lie on the growth chart, you can accommodate by blending from one size to another.

While this sounds super difficult, it actually is rather easy as long as you know where and how to adjust.  Most of the newer BSD patterns include instructions for how to blend right in the pattern so you know exactly how to get your custom fit.  And that's the benefit of sewing over ready to wear right?  It means you can make a custom garment tailored perfectly to your little one.

How to Blend Sizes: The Key to the Perfect Fit

So that's how to blend sizes to get your perfect fit.  Easy huh?  As always, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more great videos.

UPDATE: I've had a few people email me and ask what they should trace their new sizes on.  While you can always just used the computer paper that is taped together, I prefer to use tracing paper when I blend sizes and create a new pattern piece.  You can find where to buy it here.
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