Bella Sunshine's Pattern Year In Review

Another year has come and gone. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? We thought we'd start the year off with something special. A rundown of all of the patterns we released in 2019 and why we love them! So sit, back, relax, and enjoy our year in review!

Bella Sunshine's Pattern Year In Review


Adella is a princess seamed top, tunic, and dress that is so completely flattering across our full size range, that you can't help but fall in love. This pattern comes in adult sizes 0-30 and child sizes 6 months to 12 years. Aside from the available bodice lengths, it also has sleeve options in sleeveless, short, and long sleeves. You can get the adult pattern here. The kids pattern is here. Or if you want it all, you can find the bundle here.


Artemis is one of our crowning glories of 2019, in my opinion. It's a wearable blanket in 3 sizes with plain or animal hood options. Because you're never too old to be a unicorn! yes, I said unicorn! Unicorn, bunny, bear, and dog are the hood options, along with an option to add hand mitts to the corners for even more fun! Want it? Find the pattern right here.

Coraline and Primrose

These two beauties were released together for good reason. They are the perfect undergarment power couple! Coraline is a cami that comes in top, tunic, or dress length so that it can be worn under clothes or as a great little summer top or dress! Primrose panties are the ultimate underwear pattern as far as I'm concerned. I haven't found a pattern yet with a better fit. This also includes options for banded or elasticized legs and waist. This means options for your own personal optimum comfort! Can it get better? Yes! Aside from the full range of child and adult sizes, you can also find them in doll sizes! Coraline kids and adults and Primrose kids and adults can be found at these links. Or... we even have full bundles for both Primrose and Coraline, so you don't miss any of it if that is what you want!


Next in our review is the Hazel dolman is another great flattering pattern that is also a super quick and easy sew! Like so many of our other patterns, it comes in top, tunic, and dress length along with sleeveless, short, and long sleeve options. Do you want a little added pop of style? Use the ruched sleeve option for an ultra-cute look! You can get just adult sizes, just kids sizes, or have it all with the bundle.

Little Love

Say hello to Little Love, our first (but not last!) baby pattern! This little bodysuit is great for sleep or play. It was extensively tested for the best fit and has all the options! Sleeveless for summer or warmer climates, short sleeves for year-round comfort, or long sleeves for chilly weather. Plus, if you have a girl and/or just want to glam it up a little, there's also a skirt option for you! You can find it here in newborn to 24 month sizes.


Monroe are the wrap pants you never knew you needed. light and flowy with a capri or full-length option and partial or full crossover options at the waist. They are perfect for everything from lounging around the house, to a night out, to a tropical vacation. Size range for Monroe is 0-30 in adult sizes and you can purchase them here.


Sometimes you just want cuteness overload. And we can help with that! Just take a peek at Oceana, the final pattern in our review! The bibs that crossover at the sides and back add to a relaxed and fun look. The tie straps are also an adorable added touch. Plus, say hello to a skirt-all option! So far, we've only released Oceana in kids sizes 6 months to 12 years, but we're definitely looking toward the possibility of an adult release at some point in the future!

Wrap up

That's it! All of our 2019 releases in one place! Do you already have them all? Are there any you're missing? And what are you looking forward to seeing from us in the coming year? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below! Or come join our Facebook community and let us know there! We're ready for a brand new amazing year and we'd love you to take the journey with us!
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