Back to School Blog Tour ~ Day Four

We're on the downhill stretch of this back to school blog tour and have seen some truly amazing things, but there's still so MORE much to see! Are you ready for it? Today's features will include sews made by Jessica Cotriss, Taish Bruton, and Nathalie Van den Bossche! I can't wait for this one!

Back to School Blog Tour ~ Day Four

Jessica Cotriss

Jessica Cotriss writes from her hobbit hole, otherwise known as her spare room/"studio", where she sews in the a/c to avoid the scorching surface-of-the-sun heat outside in Central Texas. She and her hubby have toured the world, thanks to her former military service, and his continued military career. She's been sewing since the 1980's and loves making things for others. For this blog tour, she focused on options for the high school and college students and their teachers, as everyone needs to be stylish and fashionable when heading back to school, even if it's to teach the next generation.

Taish Bruton

Taish is a sewcialist, creativepreneur and graphic designer who doesn't like to limit her creativity. Mother of a handsome son and beautiful baby girl. She believes creativity is courageous, inspiring, and always evolving. For this blog tour, she made the Josephine Dress through the lens of a preschooler.

Nathalie Van den Bossche

In 2013, Nathalie was intrigued by the mysterious art of creating clothes. Could she do that? She registered for a local class and has not looked back since. The world wide web turned into an inspirational playground full of patterns, techniques, and fabrics. She started blogging in Dutch and recently added an English version. When she’s not sewing, Nathalie is a teacher. The dress she picked smoothens the transition from lazy days to the classroom. Summer still lingers in the scooped back of the Sahara. At the same time, the UV reactive fabric promises a magical new start for her daughter. You can find the English version of her post here. And the Dutch version here.

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