Back to School Blog Tour ~ Day Five

Today is the final day of our whirlwind Back to School blog tour! I'm so sad to see it come to an end, but all good things must. Last (but most certainly not least!) on this final day of our tour, we will see the creations of Laurie Roberts, Julia Jones, and Teronia Sherece Wilson! Let the fun and cuteness commence!

Back to School Blog Tour ~ Day Five

Laurie Roberts

Laurie Roberts is a Southerner living in the rural Green Mountains of Vermont. It was living in a small town that encouraged her to rediscover sewing after a 20-year break. She's married to a man that indulges her love of rich textiles and sewing by helping support her small custom dress business. She has 5 children between his, hers and ours and has no shortage of people asking for special custom stuff but really loves to stretch her creativity by indulging the youngest 2 with their specific demands for cosplay inspired and upcycled costuming. She started a challenge at the beginning of the year, which led to a blog chronicling that sewing journey. You can see more of her amazing dragon Gabriella's Coat here.

Julia Jones

Julia Jones AKA the scatty sewer. Sewing for 6 years, but has become very accomplished, favorite makes are regency dresses for the Jane Austen Promenade in Bath UK. Recently bought a restaurant with her husband and hoping to make all her own business clothing. Mum of 2 adult children who have both moved out of the home, its time to focus on what she wants to do and that's SEW.

Teronia Sherece Wilson

Teronia is a crafty mom to two girls, foodie wife to her husband and all around crazy lady to everyone who knows her. Her oldest daughter inspired her to start sewing when a special first birthday dress was needed in a special size. Her favorite things to sew are special occasion dresses and custom fitted pants for her oldest petite princess. The Sansa Flares were the perfect choice to kick off her back to school sewing this year. Be sure to check out her blog for all the details.

I don't know about you, but I am SO inspired to get do my own back to school sewing after this week's tour! These ladies really killed it! If you missed any of the previous days, just click for Day One, Day Two, Day Three, and Day Four! Which was your favorite sew this week? Please share in the comments below!
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